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Top-Rated Resume Templates
for Your Next Career Move

Imagine knowing exactly what you need to do to impress employers - from the moment you spot an exciting opportunity until you accept the job.

This is exactly what you'll get here. Pick your #1 goal and let's get started.


Figure out your
career path

Get crystal clear on the perfect career path for you with the Career Clarity toolkit.


Plan and track
job search

Set yourself up for success with the job search planner and tracker.


Create a perfect
job application

Create a perfect resume and cover letter with professionally designed templates.


Land a job with
1:1 support

Get 1:1 support through job search coaching or job search assistance program.

Hi, I'm Ana!

Psychologist, recruiter, job search strategist, career
coach, and resume shop owner - all in one

I coach ambitious, smart professionals to learn how to create winning job applications and set up their job search strategy that gets them the job they want.

For three years, I've worked as a career coach for a Global 500 company helping internal employees - from graduates to directors - to navigate and accelerate their careers.

With 7+ years of experience in HR, Recruitment, and Internal Mobility roles, I've learned what employers are looking for in the perfect candidate. And I've helped hundreds of people stand out from the crowd, make their applications count, and step up their careers.

Today, I share my behind-the-scenes knowledge with people around the world (from the comfort of my home, yay!) helping them get on top of their job search and learn how to get those jobs they now only dream of. And I'm here to help you too!


Feeling defeated after

not hearing back from employers?

I get it. The job search can be many things. And let's face it—none of them are nice. It can be frustrating, overwhelming, stressful, exhausting, boring—the list goes on and on. So, if you're currently looking for a new job, you may be feeling:

  • tired, stressed, and overwhelmed after countless hours you've put into tweaking your resume and submitting job applications... only to never hear back

  • discouraged, because there were so many jobs 100% perfect for you, yet the employers never gave you a chance

  • lost, not knowing what to change or do next to actually make employers notice you

  • hopeless, that you're now starting to believe you are forever stuck in your current situation - whether it's a dreading-Mondays-living-for-weekends job or what feels like forever unemployment

You tried everything you could think of, but it looks like employers simply don't notice you. And you have NO IDEA how to change that and what to do next to land that amazing job you're so ready for.

If this sounds like you, the struggle is over! You don't have to figure it out on your own. Let's work together to get you the job of your dreams!

Office Corridor

It's time to get on top of your job search -
and land the job.

No more searching for the advice for hours, only to end up with even more questions because of all the conflicting information out there.

No more struggling with how to make employers notice you.

No more feeling lost in translation when it comes to understanding what employers are looking for.

It's time to finally know exactly how to create a winning job application. And even more importantly—how to stand out from the competition and get the job of your dreams—WITHOUT feeling like you're just one of the crowd.

free resources


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Fast-Track Your
Job Search

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Learn how to stand out with

job search tools and tips that actually work.

Create a 
Winning Resume

These resume templates are designed with all resume best practices in mind and packed with actionable resume writing tips to take the hassle out of resume writing and make sure employers notice you.


I love my purchase of the Corporate Resume Template! It includes a bonus of so much information of how to put your resume together and includes sample resumes to also help with ideas as well. Ana is so amazing too! I should have just hired her to write my resume for me LOL! Go with this resume package, it will get your the job! It's so clean and it was exactly what I was looking for because so many resumes are too packed and not easy to read at a glance. 

- Melodi



Resume Eli


Resume Cooper


Resume Olivera


Resume Andrew

Start Your 
Resume Shop

This is a special treat for resume writers, career coaches, and aspiring business owners looking to accelerate their business with digital products. Grab our Resume Shop Starter Kit and start a resume shop today with bestselling templates.


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