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Launch your resume shop
in 5 days with ready-to-sell
resume templates

Great news: You don’t have to start from scratch. You can fast-track your business and add scalable, in-demand digital products to your site in less than a week. Get a collection of ready-to-sell resume templates loved by over 8,000 customers. Brand them as yours, upload to your site, and launch your resume shop.


Let's picture this together...

It’s Tuesday morning. You wake up without an alarm, roll over to the side of your bed and grab your mobile phone to check your calendar. The moment you unlock it, they pop up: sales notifications. Ten people purchased your products while you were sleeping (read: $$$). You just had a profitable night! Again! 


And your calendar? Almost empty. No coaching calls, no meetings. Just a lunch date with your friend. The rest of the day? Filled with things you enjoy - creative work, time with your family, reading, walking... Heck, even watching your favorite The Office episodes. At 2 pm... on a workday. That's it. You are finally feeling it. You're free.






Because this is exactly what most of my days look like. All because of one decision I made five years ago. 


Back in 2018, I created and started selling scalable, in-demand digital products - resume templates. Since I've launched my resume shop, I’ve helped 8,000+ professionals worldwide while adding $$$$$ to my revenue. 


I created resume templates once, sold them on repeat. Without tying my time to my money.

And I know you want the same.


You also want your customers to go to the checkout while you're playing with your dog. Or taking a midday nap. And you want to get that payment notification while lying on a massage table on a rainy Thursday afternoon. But....

Light and Shadow _edited.jpg


"I don't know how to create resume templates"

Okay, you know you should open a blank Word document. But, like, what's next? How can that Word document become a product you can sell?! Or maybe you've already  tried, and gave up in the middle of the process when you realized that A LOT of work goes into creating it, even though it looks super simple.

"I don't have time to create these products"

Or maybe creating digital products such as resume templates has been on your to-do list for... hm, longer than you'd like to admit. But you're drowning in work while desperately holding onto that last straw of personal life you have, and you always keep pushing that back. You simply don't have m on your disposal to mess around with fonts, colors, graphics, all this finicky stuff.


Resume Shop
Starter Kit

Get a collection of ready-to-sell resume templates, brand them as yours, and launch your resume shop in 5 days. Packed with my tried-and-tested tips, bestselling and top-rated resume templates, and must-have tools for product promotion, I'm giving you ALL of it. Get your Resume Shop Starter Kit now.

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Ready-to-Sell Products

That's right, you'll get resume templates that are done for you and ready to sell. The product includes a carefully curated collection of ten bestselling, top rated resume templates that are proven to convert. Best part? They come with a commercial license so you can resell them, like legally, with my blessing and your peace of mind.

resume-template-mockup (6).png

Launch Promo Materials

No one will buy your products if they don't know they exist. With launch promo materials, that include graphics for social media to promote your shop, you'll make sure everyone knows that the best place to get a resume template is your new shop.

VIP Portal with Strategic Guidance

Using Resume Shop Starter Kit is as simple as following a recipe. Once you're in, you'll get access to a VIP portal with all materials and *exact* steps on how to brand these products as your own and launch them.


"Resume Shop Starter Kit is sooo much more than an ordinary pack of resume templates."

home-office-aesthetic (3).png

Can you even imagine...

  • waking up to sales notifications ($$$)

  • generating passive income while working less *in* your business

  • receiving amazing feedback from your clients every day

All that without...

  • figuring out the whole process of creating products on your own

  • wasting months on creating digital products from scratch

  • missing out on clients who are looking for quick, DIY solutions 

I hear you. Five years ago,

I didn't think it was possible, either.

Working 1-on-1 with clients and trading my time for money seemed like the only option to start a side hustle and build a profitable online business. And it made me feel stuck in MY OWN business, before I have even begun.

Maybe you are feeling the same…


  • You are thinking about starting or scaling your business, but cannot find a way without overworking yourself and burning out.

  • You have already tried creating digital products on your own, but never finished them because you got overwhelmed and doubted if they would even sell. 

  • You are finally ready to try new things to serve more clients, generate more sales and earn more.

But not at any cost. Despite wanting to fast-track my business, I wasn’t willing to sacrifice my time, health or flexibility. And you shouldn’t either!


Solution? Four words: Resume Shop Starter Kit.

Resume Shop Starter Kit
includes everything you need to go from zero to launch.

How it works


Access your Resume Shop Starter Kit.

Fill out the payment details and get instant access to everything that's inside.


Follow the steps.

Follow instructions in the Resume Shop Starter Kit portal to customize the materials, brand them as yours and prepare the products for launch.


Launch your shop.

Cut the ribbon on your new resume shop! And let me know once it’s open so we can celebrate together!

Use Resume Shop Starter Kit to:


Jumpstart a new online business or scale an already established business



Expand your business by adding digital products to your portfolio


Support more clients while adding passive income to your business

resume-template-to-sell (2).png

Once unlocked, Resume Shop Starter Kit will:


Save you time

…by giving you all the tools you need to start a resume shop in a matter of hours or days instead of months.


Get your resume shop ready to launch

….so you can start promoting and selling these resumes today while keeping them on brand.


Set you up for success

…with 5-star resume templates that have proven to work on 8,000+ clients, across different countries, industries and levels of seniority.

resume-template-to-sell (2).png

Resume Shop Starter Kit is sooo much more than an ordinary pack of resume templates.

Dare I say that Resume Shop Starter Kit is a one-of-a-kind offer you won't find anywhere else? Since I'm giving you my bestselling inventory to resell, I'd say yes! (But also, I Googled it, got to page 37 in Google search results, which btw no one should ever go to, and couldn't find anything like it.)


It took me over five long years and a lot of trials and errors to create some of the bestselling resume templates available online. 

So, after designing hundreds of resume templates, helping thousands of customers, and supporting HR professionals and career coaches launching their resume shops, I've created a toolkit I wish I had when I was starting out. 

Now, packed with my tried-and-tested tips, bestselling and top-rated resume templates, and must-have tools for product promotion, I'm giving you ALL of it.


From branding the products, customizing product photos and descriptions, and creating promotional materials for social media, Resume Shop Starter Kit will give you with eeeeverything you need to launch your resume shop. 

This is *exactly* what I wish I had when I was starting out. This product is packed with SO MUCH  VALUE AND PRACTICAL TOOLS. You can literally launch your shop in 5 days and save tons of time, money, and nerves. 

home-office-beige-aesthetics (1).jpg


Get All of This to Start Your Resume Shop

VIP Access to the Resume Shop Starter Kit Portal

Lifetime access to the portal with strategic guidance, all materials and 5-day launch checklist.


password-protected, lifetime  access to the portal

Customizable Resume Writing and Editing Guides 

Practical and actionable resume writing and editing guides praised by 8,000 professionals.

editable Canva files, 60+ pages of actionable tips

BONUS Done-for-You Launch Promo Templates

Promote your launch and products on Instagram with a done-for-you set of templates.

editable Canva Files, 50 IG feed post + 50 IG story templates

Bestselling, Top-Rated Resume Templates

A carefully-curated collection of ten bestselling, top-rated ATS resume templates that are ready to sell.

10 resume designs for Word and Pages including 1, 2, 3-page resume, cover letter and reference list templates in A4 and US letter (200 individual files!)

Editable and Eye-Catching Product Photos

Enticing and informative product photos designed to convert lurkers into buyers.

editable Canva files, 10 photos per product (100 photos total!)

BONUS Step-by-Step Canva Guide + Tutorials

New to Canva? Or you want learn a few tricks? You'll get a Canva Guide with linked tutorials.

a PDF file, 20+ pages of quick and bite-size practical info

Commercial License for Your Resume Collection

A B2C commercial license that allows you to resell the resume templates with peace of mind.

a PDF file outlining the licensing agreement and terms of use

Effective Product Descriptions That Convert

A set of three tried-and-tested product descriptions you can copy-pase to your shop

a PDF file, 3 effective product descriptions included

BONUS Seller's Hacks to Grow Your Shop

Learn how to quickly add new products to your shop by using the templates you got.

two 5-minute video tutorials included in the portal



Online Business Owners

Aspiring Digital Product Sellers

HR Professionals

Resume Writers

Career Coaches


Stop leaving your money on the table.

Fact: The term 'resume template' was googled over 9 million (!) times in 2022. 


Your clients are literally looking for resume templates right now, as you're reading this. And I hate to break this to you, so I'll try to put this gently... While you're here, reading this, weighing your options, doubting yourself, coming up with excuses, and sleeping on this offer, you just lost a potential customer. And another one. And another one.

Seriously, don't miss out on this opportunity. This is the best deal you'll ever get. I don't want to create a fake feeling of urgency, but the more business owners buy this offer, the higher the price. So, make sure it grab it now while it's still available at this price.

home-office-beige-aesthetics (7).jpg

I was so incredibly impressed with the quality of product I received. Ana went out of her way to assist me and I appreciate her so much. You WILL NOT regret your purchase. Amazing!!!!


This is the best $10 I've ever spent! The resume is sleek, well-organized and easy to use. The seller also includes many useful attachments to make your resume as strong as it can be.


Thank you. Easy to use and well laid out, plus excellent tips on each dot point make this one of the best 'how to resume' guides out there. Much appreciated!


Easy to use and aesthetically pleasing. I really appreciate the PDF with tips and tricks too. Great purchase, great value.


Really easy to use and clean, perfect for what I want and great tips and tricks. Great price too.


Great design - looks sharp! I'm so happy I found a template where I could fill in all the information myself without having to use those robotic new era resume sites :) And the instructions were super helpful, saved me a lot of precious time. Highly recommend.


Great resume template, saves hours typing info into applications. Great purchase.


I could't be happier with this purchase. I've bought resume templates before, and none of them come with the same amount of  resume writing tips and techniques this one did. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a sleek resume, with the added perk of stellar customer service and insights. Thank you!


A great value for the tips, template variations, and general guidance included in the files. Love the simplicity and polish of the template. Well worth the cost.


Resume Shop Starter Kit is a revenue generator.

I know one thing: Investing in a business can be scary, especially if you’re just starting out. With investment comes risk. And often, things we invest in don't end up making us money - at least not directly. (Raise your hand if you first invested in a fancy logo, a pretty website or social media templates that made your business pretty - but not profitable!) Well, that’s not the case here!


Resume Shop Starter Kit is a money-making tool.


Since it gives you everything you need to start selling resume templates, this bundle will help you scale your business, serve more clients AND increase your income - all without trading your time for money.


Let’s do some basic math together. 

If you sell these templates for €15, you only need 56 customers to return your investment. From the 57th to 30,000th+ customer, the money goes directly to your bank account, without you breaking a sweat. (read as: $$$$$) Sounds like a no-brainer deal, right?

home-office-beige-aesthetics (5).jpg

Earning Online Made Simple

Running an online business boils down to two things: a) having a product, and b) selling it. As simple as that.


With Resume Shop Starter Kit, you'll get digital products sorted out, so you can jump straight into selling them (read as: earning $$$).

If you've ever gave up on your dream of starting a side hustle of business because you didn't know what to sell, you couldn't find the time to create products, or you simply didn't know how to create them, this is for you.

home-office-beige-aesthetics (1)_edited.

This is the shortcut you've been looking for

I'm literally handing you over ready-to-sell products. And not any products. You're getting in-demand, scalable and proven-to-sell digital products. And I'm making it simple for you to launch your shop.


But just because it's simple, it doesn't mean you'll hit "launch" and the cash will start pouring in. So don't get this wrong. It's not a magic trick or get-rich-quick scheme. 

You'll still need to put in the time and effort into promoting your shop and driving traffic to it. And it won't be easy. But I promise you, when you see that that first sale from your digital product... and then the next one, and the next one, it will be so, soooo worth it. Literally, you will split your work into two eras - before and after selling digital products. And you will never go back to trading your time for money... and your only regret will be not starting sooner.

Take a look at EVERYTHING you're getting!



Resume Shop Starter Kit is


a collection of best-selling resume templates
created by a professional recruiter who knows resumes, ATS and hiring

designed for online business owners, resume writers, job search strategists and career coaches who would like to scale their business without burning out

made for business-to-consumer (B2C) sales

Resume Shop Starter Kit isn't


a collection of over-the-top resumes that
you and your clients won't know how to use

an overwhelming set of tools that will leave you guessing on how to sell and promote your products

a fluffy, non-tangible digital product that will stay on your digital shelf without ever making the return on your investment

How it works


Access your Resume Shop Starter Kit.

Add this product to a cart and follow payment instructions


Customize & wrap up products.

Follow our interactive guide instructions to customize the materials and prepare the products for launch.


Launch your shop.

Cut the ribbon on your new resume shop. And let us know once it’s open so we can celebrate with you!

Tech details

This probably goes without saying. But, just in case... Resume Shop Starter Kit is an online tool and all materials are available in the VIP portal that you'll need a computer and the Internet connection to access.

You get an immediate access link and password upon purchase.

Your purchase comes with one commercial license for B2C sales. Meaning, you can resell these templates to individual customers, but not to other businesses for their commercial use. 

You can't resell these