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Get your job search questions answered in
a 30-minute one-to-one call

Even with – or maybe exactly because of – all the information and advice out there, you can still feel lost, overwhelmed or puzzled with your job search. If you’re struggling with a specific question or area of a job search, wondering what step to take next or have a pain point in your job search that you cannot find an answer to… this one’s for you.

Here, one strategic conversation with HR experts can get you unstuck in your
job search and give you a quick boost of motivation you need! 


Let’s tackle your most pressing job search questions or topics together

in this 30-minute 1:1 call.

This is for you if...

You feel stuck or demotivated in your job search and need objective, yet knowledgeable advice and guidance from experts.

You’d like to hear open and honest feedback on your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile or interview examples coming from professional recruiters.

You’re looking for straightforward answers on specific job-search questions, yet you’re not able to find tailored advice anywhere else.

You’d like to have a mock interview - before the real thing - to share your examples with a hiring professional and ensure you have your best examples ready

You want to save time by having a 60-minute intensive call instead of spending hours and hours digging through all materials available online.

You simply want to speak with someone and have your most pressing job search questions answered quickly and efficiently. 

let's talk
One-to-One HR Consultation






Before submitting the order, please read FAQ and Terms & Conditions.

What can you expect?
Resourceful and thorough conversation

We'll have a insightful, thorough and comprehensive 60-minute conversation with

an HR professional. 

Straightforward answers & expert advice

We'll cut the noise and give you straightforward answers on all your questions based on behind-the-scenes knowledge about hiring.

Complete confidentiality & privacy

Your data and information will be kept confidential. Anything discussed during this conversation will be kept in privacy between you and your HR expert.

Relevant supporting materials

Depending on the topic we cover, you can expect supporting materials that can help

you with the next steps.*

Want to have a job search coach, supporter and accountability partner - all in one?Find out more about our 8-week coaching program.

‘Thank you so much! This call is exactly what I needed as I was preparing to start looking for a new job. Now I finally understand what I could have done differently in the past to make the job search more efficient (and less frustrating!). Thanks for the professional advice and friendly support. ’


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