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Classic Resume Template - Printed One-Page CV on Beige Background
  • Classic ATS-Friendly Resume Template | Graham

    You know you have what the employers are looking for - the high-value skills, the expertise, and the determination to succeed. Now you just need a strong resume that showcases all of that in the best way possible. 


    No gimmicks and no over-the-top designs. You want a reliable, professional and polished resume that gets the job done. 


    That's where this classic ATS-friendly resume template comes in. Combining a strategic structure, ATS-optimized layout and minimalist aesthetic, this simple and effective resume design has proven to work time and time again.

    Paired with strategic resume writing prompts that will guide you through crafting compelling, high-impact content, this resume template will display your skills and expertise in the best, most professional way. 


    The best part? Its minimalist layout and clear structure make it extra easy to edit. Just open the template in Word, Pages or Google Docs, write your content over the placeholder text following the prompts, and submit your applications. No complications and no hassle, only confidence and peace of mind knowing that your resume is on its way to impress employers.






    • craft a professional, job-winning resume in half the time it would take on your own
    • speed up your job search and get