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Done-for-you resume templates designed to sell

Job hunting is tough, and millions of job seekers crave simple, practical tools to get ahead. So, want to make a difference while growing your business? Offer them the edge they need with high-impact resume templates.

Options & Pricing

Looking to wow your resume-writing clients with a sleek resume design? Or maybe you're ready to kick-start a full-blown resume shop to boost your revenue with passive income? Whatever your goals are, these commercial-use resume template packages have got you covered.

Choose your favorite option and get started today.


Mini Resume Kit


resume design
for commercial use

Total price: €177

Included in Basic:

✓  1 commercially licensed
     resume design (value €127)

Word and Pages, A4 and US letter, 1, 2, 3-page resume, cover letter + reference list template (20 files)

✓  customizable resume
     writing & editing guides 

     (value €97)

✓  20 customizable product
     mockup photos
     (value €37)

✓  30 launch promo templates
     for Pinterest & IG stories
     (value €47)

✓  3 done-for-you, written-to-
     convert product descriptions
     (value €37)


Pro Resume Bundle


resume designs
for commercial use

Total Price: €577

Included in Pro:

✓  4 commercially licensed
     resume designs (value €497)

Word and Pages, A4 and US letter,
1, 2, 3-page resume, cover letter + reference list template (80 files)

✓  customizable resume       

     writing & editing guides
     (value €97)

✓  80 customizable product           mockup photos

     (value €87)

✓  55 launch promo templates       for Pinterest & IG stories

     (value €57)

✓  3 done-for-you, written-to-           convert product descriptions

     (value €37)


Resume Shop Starter Kit


resume designs
for commercial use

Total price:€997

Included in Ultimate:

✓  12 commercially licensed
     resume designs (value €997)

Word and Pages, A4 and US letter,
1, 2, 3-page resume, cover letter + reference list template (240 files)

✓  customizable resume       

     writing & editing guides

     (value €97)

✓  120 customizable product          mockup photos

      (value €127)

✓  50 launch promo templates       for Pinterest & IG stories
     (value €57)

✓  50 launch promo templates         for IG feed & LinkedIn
     (value €57)


✓  3 done-for-you, written-to-
     convert product descriptions
     (value €37)


✓  instant access to Resume     
     Shop Starter Kit Portal
     (value €297)

✓  strategic From Zero to
     Launch in 5 Days checklist

     (value €97)

✓  3 tutorials with sellers hacks
     to grow your shop

     (value €147)


Years of refining, yours in a second.


Hiring Experts

Career Service Providers

HR Professionals

Resume Writers

Career Coaches


This one's for you. You've got direct insight into the hiring process — the know-how so many job seekers desperately need. With your expertise, I bet you're already helping your family, friends, and friends of friends with all things careers.


Well, it's about time you start supporting more job seekers. At scale.

Make a difference while growing your business

With the resume being one of the first hurdles between a job seeker and their next job, effective resume-focused tools are in constant demand. And offering functional resume templates with built-in resume best practices is the fastest AND best way to support them. It's a win-win!


Just picture the growth of your business as you aid more and more people on their path to employment with instant solutions that get them a step closer to interviews and job offers.


Get professional resume templates that my customers praise, brand them as yours, and sell your first resume template within a day.

PLR Resume Templates:
The fastest & simplest way to grow your business with digital products

PLR (Private Label Rights) Resume Templates = resume templates you can brand as yours and resell, aka literal life-savers and $$$-generating assets


After designing hundreds of resume templates, helping thousands of customers, and supporting HR professionals and career coaches launching their resume shops, I've created PLR resume template toolkits I wish I had when I was starting out.


They're so much more than a simple document you can resell.


These templates are the culmination of a decade of my HR experience and six years of expertise in selling job search tools. They're jam-packed with proven resume writing tips, optimized for an unparalleled user experience, and crafted with the needs of both job seekers and hiring managers in mind. They're the game-changer you and your customers have been waiting for. 

Success Stories & Testimonials

5 days. That's all it took for Andrea to launch her resume shop with Resume Shop Starter Kit. She got it on Wednesday, and her shop was up and running on Sunday.

— Dr Andrea Curry,

     purchased Resume Shop Starter Kit


Tim Earls, founder of ImpressResume, sold five resume templates in the first week after purchasing PLR Resume Template Olivera.


"It's a fantastic toolkit and such a valuable product."

I just spent 45 minutes going through all the information and tools in your Resume Shop Starter Kit and all I can say is WOW! The level of detail, the products included, the guidance, the structure, I love it all. It's a fantastic toolkit and SUCH A VALUABLE product. I can't wait to put it all into practice. Such a game-changer!



Linda spent more than three months working alone on her first resume package. When she finally got the PLR Resume Bundle, she was able to complete her first FOUR resume packages in just three hours.

— Linda
     purchased Modern PLR Resume Bundle



What You Can Expect From These Products

Done-for-you, ready-to-sell resume templates praised by over 8,000 job seekers 

Strategic, plug-and-play resume shop inventory you can start selling ASAP

Built-in customer experience, sales and promo strategy for fast implementation and best results 

Dizajn bez naslova.png

Praised by More Than 8,000 Job Seekers & Career Experts


I love this design and the tips that came along with what to put on a resume. UPDATE: Using this resume, I had my quickest job search ever. I was able to schedule interviews within 24 hours of applying and received many compliments from recruiters about how well formatted and detailed my resume was.


Cute and helpful resume, cover letter, and references sheet. I've been able to land interviews at dream companies during the pandemic with these. Thank you!


I couldn't decide which template to but, so I bought two and this one has already landed me two interviews! It was very easy to use and comes with helpful resume writing tips. I highly recommend it, thank you!


It's a clean, professional, and visually appealing template. I used this template and got more attention from employers than I had in the past 6 months. I'm not saying it got me the job, but after 6 months of job searching I used this template, and finally landed several interviews, and got a job. Buy this one, you won't be disappointed.


Absolutely love the layout of this resume. Got myself an interview with the first job I applied for with it! Would absolutely purchase  if I need a new template.


I'm a full time recruiter, so I see a lot of resumes. This one takes the cake. I love it and it was so easy to update with my information.



They Should Get It From You

When it comes to job searching, everyone can use a helping hand. You can be that support system to job seekers in numerous ways  - from sharing free advice to delivering personalized, high-touch services. One game-changing, scalable tool you can offer? A resume template — instant plug-and-play solution. The best thing about it? You can get it in a second.

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