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Looking to earn some extra cash while helping people land their dream jobs or grow their businesses? ByRecruiters affiliate program is the perfect opportunity for you! 

By joining our program, you can promote our high-quality, professionally designed templates and toolkits, and earn commissions for every sale you refer. So why wait?

Join the affiliate program today and start making money while making a difference!

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What's in it for you?



  • 15% commission on all sales through your affiliate link, paid out every quarter

  • easy way to earn extra $$$ by promoting high-quality products that help people achieve their career or business goals

  • unique affiliate links for easy tracking and commission attribution

  • flexibility to promote through various channels (blog, social media, personal connections, etc.)


Step #1: Click "Become an Affiliate" anywhere on this page to register and enter your information.

Step #2: Share and promote ByRecruiters resume templates, job search toolkits, and ready-to-sell products with your community.

Step #3: Receive a 15% commission for each conversion made with your unique link. (Yes, as simple as that!)

Affiliate details

Here are some ideas how
you can use
your referral link:

  • If you have a blog, newsletter, podcast, membership, or social media channel, use it to share your experience with ByRecruiters. Did my resume templates or advice land you a job? Or did you use our toolkits to add digital products to your business? Share your experience and earn a commission on every sale that comes through!

  • Or, just put a banner inside a few related blog posts, on the sidebar, or wherever you want! (Just be sure it links back to ByRecruiters using your referral link.)

  • Don't have a blog? Share your referral link on social media, email your friends and family or your professional network. 

  • Check each platform's (e.g., Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter) Terms of Service regarding Affiliate Links to ensure you follow their rules.

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Hi, I'm Ana—and I'm your go-to person for supporting job seekers through digital tools and resources.

In 2018, I used my HR experience and psychological background to build high-impact resume templates that a) rely on tried-and-tested strategies, b) save time, and c) *actually* work.

Over the past six years, over 8,000 job seekers have used my resume templates and job search tools to make career changes, secure promotions, and land better-paying, more aligned jobs.


What's best, dozens of fellow career coaches, resume writers, and HR professionals have used them to attract, help, and serve more clients and, of course, earn more while doing so. Are you next?

Since I created my first resume, my mission has remained the same: creating high-impact, strategic tools for job seekers and those who help them.


Become an affiliate.

You're 30 seconds away from your next income stream.
Start earning today.

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