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Looking to hand your resume over to a professional? This resume writer directory will help you find the best of the best.


You'll get a handpicked selection of vetted resume writers worldwide, complete with an overview of their prices, areas of expertise, and special offers at a glance. Subscribe below to gain instant access and match with your ideal resume writer today!

Finding a good resume writer seems easy.
Until you actually need one.

Trust me, I get it. After reviewing 80+ resume writing services to recommend the best ones to my friends, family, clients, and you, I've come to this conclusion: Finding a good resume writer isn't easy. At all. And I wasn't even overly picky. I looked for reliable resume writers I'd be happy to hand over my own resume and trust it would end up sounding like it was written by an expert. Sounds simple, right? Well, surprisingly not.


Most of resume writing services out there have three big problems:

Lack of testimonials

You likely check Google reviews before trying a new restaurant. Of course you'd do the same before picking a resume writer to work with. Surprisingly, most of them don't have publicly available testimonials or reviews.

Red flag 🚩

No resume samples

How can you know what to expect if there are no resume samples? It seems such an obvious thing to share. Yet, you can't find samples of their work on 90% of resume writing sites, no matter how hard you try.

Red flag 🚩

Hidden prices

No one wants to commit to a service without knowing the cost. Yet, for some reason, most resume writing services keep their pricing under wraps unless you reach out to them. It's like a game of hide and seek that no one signed up for.

Red flag 🚩


Find the best resume writers in one place—Resume Writer Directory. Quick & easy.

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instant access to the carefully curated list of best resume writers worldwide 

user-friendly overview of best resume writers for various locations, industries, levels of seniority, and career paths

special offers for some of the top resume writing services available online


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