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Land at the top of the candidate list
every time you apply for a job.

Get instant access to The Top Candidate Toolkit—the all-in-one job search resource that will finally make you feel in control of your job search, confident in your job application, and empowered to go after the most exciting career opportunities out there. It includes all the resources, templates, and guidance you need to land your next job.


Good news: Your next job is within reach. 

You only need the right tools to get it. With the Top Candidate Toolkit, you'll find them all in one place. This toolkit is perfect for you if you:

  • don't have the time to waste applying for 100+ WRONG opportunities,

  • want to avoid making every possible mistake on your own before you finally get your job application right,

  • are sick and tired of searching for a job the traditional (read as: slow and painful) way and have no idea what you can do differently to land a job,

  • need plug-and-play job search resources instead of wasting hours scraping through vague and conflicting job tips that leave you with more questions than answers,

  • want to feel confident and in control, knowing exactly what you need to do to land your next job every time you're ready to make a career move.

Spoiler alert: The Top Candidate Toolkit will change how you do job search, once and for all.

Introducing: The Top Candidate Toolkit



With this one-time investment, you'll get a career-building toolkit that will serve you for life.

A job search strategy workbook, resume writing guidance packed with actionable tips, formulas, and examples, plug-and-play cover letter templates, a job application tracker... It's all inside! (Plus, a few surprise bonuses!)


Get game-changing resources covering 3 cornerstones of ANY successful job application and job search.

A Smart(er) Job Search Strategy

A step-by-step workbook to map out an effective job search strategy.

Includes: job search checklist, non-negotiables worksheet, weekly job search planner, strength assessment, and roadmap with a built-in to-do list for exploring underrated job search methods.

6-Figure Resume

An insanely detailed guide to writing a high-impact resume.

Includes: step-by-step instructions for writing key resume sections, 30+ word-for-word examples, 40+ action verbs, bonus quiz on perfect resume length, resume bullet formula, career summary template, and more.

Cover Letter Mastery

A practical playbook for writing a memorable cover letter.

Includes: insider tips on cover letters, a Q&A section answered by a recruiter, the list of most common cover letter mistakes, and seven plug-and-play cover letter templates with recommended uses.


A Job Search Solution That Will Make You Sigh With Relief 

A simple, tried-and-tested strategy for finding the right career opportunities and attracting employers

Actionable tips, practical tools, and real-life examples to help you land your next job (and the next one, and the next one...)

The confidence and know-how to build a winning job application and take control of your career success

With this step-by-step toolkit and game-changing bonuses, you'll finally have everything you need to feel in control of your job search, career, and future.


The Top Candidate Toolkit works.
See what other job seekers say about it.


Excellent resource, beautifully formatted content that is easy to read and packed with expert advice instead of fluffy filler content. Includes action verbs for resume for quick reference and inspiration. Includes a simple and attractive professional resume template. Tons of digestible information throughout the guide to help polish your resume. Even includes CV and resume editing guides to make you an outstanding A+ candidate. LOVE THIS TOOLKIT! Best on the market!


Here's exactly what you're getting inside this job search toolkit:

A Smarter Job Search workbook, including:

  • A proven-to-work job search strategy framework designed to help you identify the right career opportunities and save time

  • Underrated job search method ideas with built-in to-do lists

6-Figure Resume workbook, including:

  • Insider tips on writing an impactful resume, all coming from a former Global Fortune 500 recruiter

  • Examples, formulas, and templates so you can easily put all the tips into action to show your experience in the best possible light

  • List of the best action verbs for turning your resume

  • Resume writing checklist

Cover Letter Mastery workbook, including:

  • Proven psychological hacks for writing impactful cover letters with tips and examples

  • 7 plug-and-play cover letter templates with suggested use cases 

BONUS Job Search Resources, including:

  • Free resume template provided by Andrea Barr

  • A simple job application tracker with an automated dashboard

  • Recruiter's tips for an organized job search

  • Plus, sooo much more!

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This IS for you if:

  • you want to be more strategic in your job search and ensure you're doing it right, putting your best foot forward every step of the way, but don't know how to go about it alone,

  • ​you tried figuring it all out by yourself but feel like giving up because nothing seems to get you closer to your next job,

  • you can't hire an expensive career coach but want insider hiring, job search, and career coaching tips that actually make a difference and help you stand out in all the right ways.

This ISN'T for you if:

  • you need a job like yesterday and expect overnight results without putting any time or effort into your job search strategy, 

  • you prefer the spray-and-pray method, applying to hundreds of random jobs and landing any of them, rather than being strategic and intentional in your job search and landing the right job

  • you're okay with wasting months making all the rookie job search mistakes along the way instead of investing in proven tools, methods, and resources.

  • How can I get my template?
    Click on ‘Instant Download’ button on the template of your choice. Download your file from the email you will receive after your payment is processed. Double click the file in order to unpack (‘unzip’) it. Save it on a location you will easily find. It will extract into files numbered 1-3 following 3-steps process for creating your own resume. Open Mac Pages or Microsoft Word 2007 (or newer). Type your resume text over our text. Follow the instructions in our guide (document named 1_START HERE_guide) if you have questions or need technical support. When your resume is complete, you must save your resume in .pdf format. Upload/send your resume when you find the right opportunity/opportunities for you. Look forward to interview invitations to come your way.
  • What do I need to edit a template?
    You need a personal computer with either Mac Pages or Microsoft Word 2007 (or newer). The template is not compatible with GoogleDocs, OpenOffice, or any other program. Additionally, you need an "unzipping" software such as WinZip and a PDF reader, which most computers have inbuilt. If you don’t want to download them, please let us know and we will send you an ‘unzipped’ version of the file to your email.
  • Can I edit headings/sections/colours/fonts?
    Of course! All the templates are fully editable. Everything on the template can be changed, relocated or removed. Therefore, even by using our templates, you can still have a unique resume.
  • Can I ensure my resume looks the same on every computer?
    Yes! To ensure everyone sees exactly what you see on your computer, save your resume as a .pdf document. You can find detailed instructions on how to save your resume as a .pdf file in the guide.
  • My template file won't open. What can I do?
    If you have an incompatible version of Mac Pages or Microsoft Word, you might have some technical issues. Your files might not open, they could look tangled or some icons might be missing. If this is the case, send us an email and include your version of Word/Pages. We will send you older, more compatible files as soon as possible.
  • What if I played to much with the formatting and know I don't know how to fix it or I cannot fit everything as I imagined?
    Nothing to worry about! With our templates, you get a free technical support and final formatting service. Just send us the latest version of your resume at Include all your text in the resume, regardless of how jumbled or tangled it looks, and we will do the final formatting for you!
  • This all sound good, but I have some other questions..."
    Great, we’d love to hear from you. Reach out anytime on
  • I am interested in a coaching session. How does it work?
    Choose a session you are interested in – resume review and feedback, interview preparation or custom session. Fill in the booking form. Choose a time slot that suits you best and include your contact details in it. If you have anything additional to add (topics you are specifically interested in, questions you have, etc.), feel free to include it in the comment too. After your payment is processed, you will get a confirmation email and one of our experienced recruiters will call you at the time you have chosen.
  • What do I get with coaching?
    Participating in recruitment/career coaching is a great way to start seriously working on your goals. Each session is different, as we tailor our sessions to individual needs and expectations. Regardless of the type of the session you pick, we will share our advice and insights gained from psychological education and more than five years of experience in recruiting. By providing you with this competitive advantage, coaching sessions can help you to become a well-prepared candidate and to get the job you want more quickly. With our session, you can count on a fully confidential, thorough approach and professional support with your most pressing career questions.
  • What do I need for a coaching session?
    Our sessions take place by video chat, preferably Skype so having Skype is a technical requirement for our coaching sessions. Since we’re working remotely, we can use editable Google docs or share screens to work together easily.
  • I am applying for an entry-level position/senior-level position/job in IT/job in marketing... Are coaching sessions a right choice for me?
    We work with people from all different backgrounds and levels. So far we have helped our clients to land interviews and get many different jobs - from internships to senior executives (e.g. Vice Presidents and Managing Directors) in some of the world's most successful companies such as IBM, SAP, Amazon, Barclays, Philip Morris International, Lufthansa, and ABB. We believe this is the best evidence that everyone can benefit from coaching service.
  • What will we cover during a coaching session?
    Available coaching sessions are divided into three broad categories – resume review and feedback, interview preparation and custom session. However, since everyone’s job search is a bit different, all sessions are individualised and customised to our clients’ personal needs. You can decide which session is closest to your needs and we will tailor it to meet your expectations. Of course, regardless of the coaching session type you choose, we can always expand it a bit with additional topics about the recruitment process you are interested in.
  • Is it smart to make this type of investment if I am not working currently?
    It’s a completely personal choice. We always recommend our clients to weigh the costs of these services against the cost of being unemployed or on a tight budget. From our experience, coaching sessions provide you with a competitive edge which often leads to better, higher paying jobs more quickly. But if you feel that this investment isn’t the right choice for you, you can still get a competitive advantage by going through a number of free resources available on the site.
  • What if I am not fully satisfied with the service?
    We stand behind our service 100%. We take pride in our thorough and professional approach individualised to all our clients and their current situations, needs, and expectations. But bear in mind that working with a coach is like any other relationship. The more you put into your sessions, the more you can get out. The members that get the best results are receptive to feedback and open to doing the work after the session is over. However, in case you are not satisfied with the service provided, your purchase is backed by our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you aren’t thrilled with the improvement in your CV, interviewing or other skills, just email us and we’ll immediately refund the purchase.

Everything you need to become the hiring manager's top pick? It's all in the toolkit. Get it now.

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