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11 Must-Have Business Tools I Use to Create, Sell and Promote Resume Templates

Updated: Apr 7

If you’re interested in which systems, programs, products, and tools are required in order to successfully run a resume template business, then you’re in luck — I’m about to reveal it all.

The thing you'll love the most? Most of these business tools are either really inexpensive or completely free, which makes this resume template, or any digital product business for that matter, quite affordable.

From creating professional resume templates you can use to attract new customers, support your clients, and grow your business to must-have tools that will help you promote your business, this list covers everything you need to know. (Plus, I've included EXACT prices, so you can plan your business budget.)

Ready? Let's dive right in.

Disclaimer: This article includes relevant affiliate links to services, resources, and tools I wholeheartedly recommend. If you buy something through these links, I get a small commission at no extra cost to you. Your purchase helps me share more helpful content. Thanks if you choose to support me this way!


Best Tools to Create Resume Templates

When creating resume templates, the goal is clear: you're aiming for visually appealing, professional, and user-friendly designs. Ultimately, you want these templates to be unique and help job-seekers make a memorable impression in their applications.

Since creating and selling my first resume template in 2018, here are some of the best apps and programs I've been using to create user-friendly resume templates quickly and efficiently:

#1 Apple Pages

What is it? Apple Pages is a user-friendly word-processing application that comes pre-installed on all Apple devices. Its intuitive interface, extensive collection of templates, and robust design features make it an excellent choice for creating sleek resume templates.

Use it for: Creating user-friendly, customizable resume templates (and other digital products). Cost: Free. (Comes with your Apple device.)

Pro tips:

  • When creating to-be-sold resume templates in Pages, make sure to include a Word version too. PC users will need it.

  • Remember to add an editing guide, especially if your templates include some advanced graphic features, such as text boxes, photos, icons, or tables.

#2 Microsoft Word

What is it: Is there anyone who doesn't already know what Microsoft Word is? Well, just in case, a quick recap: Microsoft Word is probably the most popular word-processing application in the world. It lets you add images, charts, tables, and other design elements to make your resumes stand out. With its powerful design tools and user-friendly interface, Microsoft Word is my first choice for creating professional-looking resume templates.

Use it for: Creating user-friendly, customizable resume templates (and other digital products).

Cost: $69.99/year for Microsoft 365 personal plan. (Check alternative pricing plans here.)

Pro tips:

  • Following the logic above, when creating resume templates in Word, always include a Pages version too, as Mac users will need it.

  • Add an editing guide, especially if your templates include some advanced graphic features, such as text boxes, photos, icons, or tables.

  • Keep your Microsoft Word up to date. Otherwise, customers with newer versions might have technical issues with your templates.

#3 Google Docs

What is it? Google Docs is a web-based word-processing application. You can use it to create online resume templates and share them with your customers. Google Docs offers a wide range of fonts, styles, formatting options, and the ability to add images, tables, and other design elements. Plus, many customers prefer it as it allows them to edit their resumes on the go.

Use it for: Creating user-friendly, customizable resume templates (and other digital products).

Cost: Free. (Or you can upgrade and get it at $6/month. Check alternative pricing plans here.)

Pro tips:

  • Google Docs is perfect for collaborative work as the app allows you to share and edit your resume templates with your customers easily.

  • Unless you want your customers to be able to change the original template, share the view-only version of your templates. Otherwise, when one customer edits your template, all other customers will be able to see that. So, the view-only version that customers can copy is the way to go.

#4 Canva

What is it? Canva is a graphic design platform that allows you to create stunning digital products, including resume templates. It provides various templates, design elements, and customization options to help you create unique and visually appealing resume templates. Canva's drag-and-drop interface is easy to use, and its extensive library of design elements makes it a go-to tool, regardless of your design skill level.

Use it for: Creating resume templates and designing literally everything else—from your social media graphics to digital products.

Cost: Free or $14.99/month if you upgrade to Canva Pro. (Check pricing plans here.)

Pro tip:

  • Free Canva is amazing. Canva Pro will blow your mind. It's sooo worth it. (No wonder it has become a staple for small business owners.)


Best Tools to Promote Resume Template Business

Promoting your resume templates is essential for sales. It's simple: if no one knows about your resumes, no one can buy them.

So, how do you ensure your templates catch potential buyers' eyes?

You've guessed it—by using digital tools to market and promote your business. So, let's continue our list:

#5 Pinterest

What is it: Besides being your favorite place to look for recipes and outfit inspiration, Pinterest is the BEST platform to promote your business and resume templates. My favorite thing about it? It doesn't work like social media but like a search engine (think Google), meaning the content you post there lives there forever. Some 5-year-old pins are still driving traffic to my shop, and we can't say that about any of our posts over there on Instagram. (Admittedly, these pins are not the prettiest things in the world anymore. But they're getting the job done, and that's what really matters, right?)

Use it for: Creating resume templates and designing literally everything else—from your social media graphics to digital products.

Cost: Free.

Pro tip:

  • Create boards and pins highlighting your templates and provide users with a link to your website or resume template shop where they can purchase your templates.

#6 Canva

What is it: Yes, Canva again. (It's really that good!) Canva goes beyond designing resume templates. You can use this app to create any graphics and videos that will help you promote your resume templates across other platforms.

Use it for: Designing social media graphics, email newsletters, and any other promotional materials to showcase your resume templates across different platforms and channels.

Cost: Free or $14.99/month if you upgrade to Canva Pro. (Check pricing plans here.)

#7 Tailwind

What is it: Tailwind is a serious game-changer! This social media scheduling tool helps you promote your business and resume templates on Pinterest and Instagram. Using it to schedule and automate my pins and posts has saved me sooo much time. For comparison: Manually booking pins on Pinterest previously took me 2-3 days per month. With Tailwind, I book all my pins for the next 3 months in less than 2 hours! I swear by it and recommend Tailwind to everyone.

Use it for: Scheduling and automating your Pinterest and Instagram content.

Cost: Free or $14.99/month if you upgrade to Canva Pro.

Pro tips:

  • Batch your content creation and then use Tailwind to schedule dozens of posts and pins in one sitting.

  • Tailwind will indicate the peak engagement time of your audience. Use it to schedule pins and posts during these peak hours for maximum engagement.

#8 LinkedIn

What is it: The biggest professional networking platform in the world probably doesn't need an introduction anymore. But here's one thing you should know: there are 950 million users on LinkedIn and only about 1% of them actively post on the platform. Meaning? There's a huge opportunity for you and your business to stand out.

Use it for: Promoting your resume templates, attracting new customers, building a community, and connecting with your audience.

Cost: Free.

Pro tips:

  • Create a LinkedIn profile that highlights your resume templates and provides a link to your website where users can purchase your templates.

  • Mix promotional and educational content. You don't want to come across as spammy or too sales-y. Focus on providing value to your audience, and the sales will follow.


Best Platforms to Sell Resume Templates

Of course, selling is a crucial part of your business.

Here are my favorite platforms that can help you reach a wider audience, attract new customers, and sell more resume templates:

#9 Wix

What is it: Wix is a website builder that can help you with almost anything. Wix offers a variety of web design templates that are easy to customize, even if you don't have any web design experience. You can use Wix to set up your resume template shop (like mine), manage your inventory, track your sales, run email marketing and online ads, host courses and webinars, run a blog... anything your business needs. Btw, this post you're reading right now? Hosted on Wix!

Use it for: EVERYTHING. From hosting your digital products, sharing your blog posts, and automating email marketing. No need to have dozens of different platforms. Wix really offers it all.

Cost: Depends on your location and selected plan. For reference, I'm paying cca $325/year.

Pro tips:

  • Unlike Wordpress, Wix is a really simple website editor and perfect for you if you're just starting out. Plus, when your business grows and you decide to expand your offers, you won't need to pay for additional plug-ins or platforms. You'll be able to host everything on your Wix site.

  • Btw, their customer support is amazing, so you'll be in safe hands if you encounter any issues.

#10 Etsy

What is it? Etsy is my personal favorite for selling resume templates. It's super easy and affordable. (The starting cost of my shop was $4!) Also, with Etsy, you don't have to worry about creating a website or managing an online store - it has everything you need in one place and it's so user-friendly and intuitive. They do charge a small fee for each sale, but based on years of experience on the platform, it's worth it for the exposure and ease of use.

Use it for: Hosting, selling, and promoting your (digital) products.

Cost: $0.20 listing fee per product + transaction fees per sale (all fees explained here).

Pro tip:

  • Learn Etsy SEO. If you do it well, you'll have the algorithm on your side and it will drive traffic to your shop on auto-pilot.

Btw, while you're here, check out my Etsy shop.

#11 Design Bundles

What is it: The last yet equally important tool on our list is a marketplace built specifically for designers. Design Bundles has a large customer base of designers looking for high-quality design assets. So, despite not being the immediate choice for job-seekers, it's a valuable platform for selling resume templates due to its large community of designers. IMO, it's still an underrated platform, which means it's the perfect time to hop on and ride the wave.

Use it for: Hosting, selling, and promoting your (digital) products.

Cost: Zero to start + sales commissions, explained here.

Pro tips:

  • Learn how to write meta titles and descriptions. Apply that to your products and photos on Design Bundles and you'll be able to gain traffic directly from Google searches.


TL;DR — Which Tools Do You Need to Create and Sell Resume Templates?

Having the right tools to design, promote, and sell resume templates is a game-changer for your business that will help you grow, scale, and—ultimately—help you support more people in achieving their career goals.

Here are key things to remember:

  • Use tools like Apple Pages, Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and Canva to effortlessly create professional and visually captivating resume templates.

  • Digital platforms like Canva and Tailwind, alongside social websites like Pinterest, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Instagram, are powerful channels to promote resume templates to a wide audience.

  • Wix, Etsy, and Design Bundles offer all-in-one features to help you reach potential buyers, track sales, and successfully sell your resume templates.

Inspired to put these tools into action and start selling resume templates? Find out how you can launch your resume shop in 5 days.

Disclaimer: This article includes affiliate links. If you shop through these links, I might earn a commission, making this site fully reader-supported. Big thanks for your support!


What's Next?

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