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Best Job Search Resources & Tools

When you're looking for a job, sifting through all the noise to find the most reliable resources can be discouraging. To save time and kickstart your job search, help yourself with the carefully-selected tools below.

Did you know that companies use bots to scan job applications? With JobScan, you can check if bots can read your resume and see how it ranks.

Adding a new skill or training to your resume is the best way to boost a job search. Choose between more than 6,000 online learning programs on 360training.

One typing mistake in a resume can cost you a job. Make sure your resume is typo-free with Grammarly - the best online proofreader out there.

Want to level up your job search? Try LinkedIn Premium account. With unlimited searches, InMail credits and stats to inform your search, it's worth the investment.

We'll keep adding to this list as we find something useful, to keep you up-to-date with the best resources. Just as an aside, some resources on this page contain affiliate links. Meaning, we get a small commission whenever a purchase is made through our link. There’s no extra cost to you and you often get a bigger discount than if you were to purchase outright. All the resources recommended on this page are the ones we have used ourselves or researched thoroughly. 

Resources & Tools
Free Downloads

Download These Free Job Search Tools

In this FREE Resume Checklist, you'll learn:

The exact steps needed to create your best resume ever.

How to write and format a resume that gets you interviews and lands job offers.

The checks you need to make before your next application to ensure nothing is missed.


In this FREE Personal Statement Guide, you'll find out:

What is a personal statement and why it's so important to make it right.

The exact formula used in the best personal statements that grab employers' attention.

How to create a perfect personal statement on your own with a fill-in template.

Expert Advice

Read the Best Resume & Job Search Advice from Hiring Experts

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