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knowing how to navigate a job search
is the key to building a successful career.


Hi, I'm Ana!

I'm a Masters-qualified psychologist, former corporate recruiter for Global 500 companies and career coach with a thing for sharing my behind-the-scenes knowledge with smart and ambitious professionals who want to learn how to navigate a job search and build amazing careers.

As an expert in the psychology of job search and career development, I have deep insight into what employers are looking for (and what they're not!).

I know for a fact that too many amazing, wildly capable people miss out on pitch-perfect job opportunities because they don't see their unique value, don't have a clear job search strategy, or don't know how to market themselves on paper or in person.

And sooo many crazy-skilled professionals have been overlooked and their applications were skipped in a beat when handed over to hiring managers, just because their resumes and cover letters didn't have what it takes to make them get noticed!

I'm on a mission to change that, and instead get you the job that you deserve - every time you apply for one!

Today, I help career-minded, smart and ambitious professionals - like you - to get crystal clear on their value. From there, they learn how to enhance their personal brand, unlock and communicate their unique value throughout their job search, all to impress employers every step of the way and build incredible careers.

Let's talk data.


On average, a job search
lasts 24 weeks.

Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2020


It takes 100 to 200 job applications to get one offer.

TalentWorks, 2017

If you are an average job seeker and you put these numbers in practice, it means that there are 6 long, slow and excruciating months ahead of you before you land a job. And along the way, you'll receive 99 to 199 rejections.

You must be thinking: There must be a better way! And there is. So, tell me...

Are you ready to change your job search strategy once and for all, and intentionally build the fulfilling career you're dreaming of?

take the first 
step today.

Today, you can stop raffling hundreds of job applications, get off the roller coaster of rejection and discover how to market yourself and land a job that really fits - every time you are ready to level up your career!

Ready to start getting awesome job offers? Let's go!


I'll be there for you every step of the way as your go-to HR person, job search coach, hands-on assistant, and biggest cheerleader!

If you're curious to know,

this is what I have done in my career

  • built an international career in recruitment and career coaching

  • recruited for Global 500 companies across EMEA (UK, Norway, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Eastern Europe)

  • coached over 300 people at a top British bank, from graduates to vice presidents and directors, helping them level up their careers

  • trained a global team of 20 career coaches

  • got promoted at every company I worked for - even promoted to a newly-created position I designed for myself!

  • supported over 6000 people from 50+ countries (from the USA to Singapore) with my resume templates and job search tools

  • wrote and co-authored 50+ articles on job search and resume writing (and counting!)

  • partnered with Jobscan, Presynapse, Sacred Time, and St Louis College of Pharmacy (Illinois) and created resume templates for their students and clients

And here are my qualifications:

  • Confidence Coaching Certification (2021)

  • Prince 2 Project Management Certificate (2021)

  • Master of Art in Psychology (2016)

  • Bachelor of Art in Psychology (2013)

Office Corridor

Fun fact: Over 6,000 people from 50+ countries have used my resume templates and job search advice to land interviews and jobs at top companies!


On a personal note...

When I'm not working on new job search tools or coaching my clients, I'm planning my next trip, preparing and enjoying delicious vegan or vegetarian meals, hitting my 10k steps per day or looking for the next workout on YouTube. Come say hi on Instagram!

Blue Social Media Photo Profile Instagram Post (7).png
  • I am a native Croatian (accent cue!) living in Krakow, Poland.

  • I knew I would study psychology since I was 13, after reading The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy.

  • I got married in New York - on a random Tuesday.

  • One of my all-time-favorite experiences was watching Lion King on Broadway!

  • A dolphin accidentally hit me in Mexico. I had a dolphin-tail shaped bruise on my leg for weeks!

  • Visiting all 7 world wonders is on my bucket list. 3 down, 4 to go!

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