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Should I Apply for a Job with an Indeed Resume

Updated: Apr 7

Indeed is by far the largest job site in the world. The numbers are impressive: It has over 300M unique visitors every month and more than 245 million resumes uploaded to the platform. With so many resumes uploaded, Indeed has integrated a resume builder that allows you to build a resume directly on their platform and use the Indeed resume to apply for a job.

Now, I agree—creating a resume on Indeed may be a quick and convenient solution. But does that mean that you should apply for jobs using their resume?

The short answer: no. The long(er) answer is that the Indeed resume is basically a stripped-down, generic version of your resume that makes it hard for you to stand out. In fact, applying with an Indeed resume may actually work against you. While using their platform can be beneficial in many ways, there are several reasons why you shouldn't use an Indeed resume when applying for jobs.

Let me explain.


3 Reasons Not to Use an Indeed Resume

If you use an Indeed resume to apply for a job, all the hard work you've put into crafting your resume and perfecting its design will be wasted.

Why? Well, selecting "Apply with an Indeed resume" means that Indeed won't send that carefully crafted PDF resume you've uploaded to their platform. Instead, they'll send the Indeed-ified version of your resume. They explained it all in this video. Here are three main reasons not to use an Indeed resume:

1: Limited Customization Options

As someone who has reviewed over 30,000 resumes, I can confirm that resume design matters. A lot. Crafting a resume that speaks directly to the requirements of a job position can make a world of difference in catching the eye of recruiters. It's like customizing a gift for someone special—it shows effort, care, and attention to detail.

Unfortunately, Indeed's resume builder is extremely limited in its customization options. The tool restricts you from fully personalizing your resume to suit different job opportunities and your unique career path.

This can be frustrating, especially when you have unique skills and experiences that you want to highlight for specific roles. The Indeed resume's rigid format may not allow you to showcase your true potential and stand out among other applicants effectively.

Since personalization can make all the difference, the lack of customization options in Indeed resume builder can hinder your chances of landing your next job. It's essential to have the flexibility to tailor your resume according to the job requirements, and unfortunately, Indeed resume's features fall short in this aspect.

2: Restrictive Design Templates

When crafting a resume, visual appeal plays a significant role in making a lasting impact. White space, colors, format, and layout all contribute to the overall impression your resume conveys. Done right, a well-designed resume can immediately grab the attention of recruiters and hiring managers, highlighting your motivation, professionalism, and attention to detail.

One drawback of Indeed Resume Builder is the limited scope for design creativity. The platform offers a few pre-defined templates with little room for customization. This means recruiters will receive hundreds and thousands of similar-looking resumes from candidates using the same platform, diluting your chances of making a distinctive impact.

Want to stand out and showcase your unique style and personal brand through your resume? Instead of applying for jobs with an Indeed resume, explore alternative, 100% customizable resume templates that offer more flexibility in design and help you catch employers' attention.

Zero Chance to Stand Out

Finally, all cons against applying for a job with an Indeed resume boil down to this:

With an Indeed resume, you'll use the same limited, pre-formatted resume formats millions of other candidates use to apply for jobs. By doing so, your chances of standing out and showing your motivation and effort will be close to zero.

If you're okay with using a basic version of your resume, then go ahead with it. But remember you're risking not standing out and not getting the attention your resume needs to land you interviews and job offers.


How to Avoid Applying With an Indeed Resume

If you want to avoid applying with an Indeed resume, do this:

  1. Don't create an Indeed resume—at all. (Even if they suggest it multiple times.)

  2. Upload your resume in PDF to the platform and select it each time you want to apply for a job through Indeed.

If you've already created an Indeed resume, don't worry! You can still choose which version of your resume you want to apply with. Before submitting your next job application, just select "Apply with a different resume" and choose the file you want to submit.

They shared a video explaining resume attachments on Indeed and showing which resume gets sent to the employer: an Indeed resume or your own. It's short and simple, worth a watch!


What Resume to Apply With Instead

To save time and gain an edge, use a pre-made, professional, and preferably ATS-friendly resume template that offers complete customization. That way, you'll end up with a strategic and HR-proof resume that is still uniquely yours. (By the way, I may be biased, but I recommend templates from ByRecruiters' ATS resume collection. Check them out.)

This strategy guarantees that your resume adheres to all best practices, can be properly scanned by ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems), and effectively showcases your experience to recruiters and hiring managers. It's a win-win-win!

Five resume templates on white background.

Looking for a pre-formatted, HR-proof resume template? 

Find it in the resume template collection created by a Global Fortune 500 recruiter.


Ana Colak Fustin, founder of ByRecruiters

Ana Colak-Fustin

 Hi—I'm Ana! A recruiter, HR consultant, and founder of My career advice and job search tools have been featured in Yahoo News, The Muse, Jobscan, A Better HR Business, and other global media. Over 8,000 professionals have used my resume templates to land new jobs and power up their careers. Ready to join them? Your success story starts here.

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