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Modern Resume Template - ATS Design
  • Gray & Beige ATS Resume Template | Emma

    An ATS-friendly resume doesn't have to be boring, and this modern ATS resume template proves it.

    Designed with both ATS algorithms and recruiters in mind, the resume template Emma features an eye-catching, creative, modern, yet professional design. With a unique combination of beige and gray graphic elements that make the header pop, your job application will surely stand out - in the right way.

    This resume design is fully customizable to your unique skills and experience, so you can highlight your strengths and achievements in a way that will catch the eye of both machines and humans. And with a quick and easy download option, you can use it right away to improve your chances of landing an interview.

    Don't settle for a generic and uninspiring resume. Stand out with this modern ATS-friendly resume template and take the first step toward landing your dream job.


    • easily customize the design and layout to fit your experience and needs
    • cut your resume writing time in half while creating a resume that looks and sounds like it was made by a professional
    • finally have a resume you're proud to submit and feel more confident applying to jobs
    • ensure compatibility with ATS and avoid getting filtered out
    • beautifully display your experience in a professional, functional format and get more attention from employers than ever before




    ●    1, 2 and 3-page ATS Resume Templates (Word and Pages, A4 & US letter)
    ●    ATS Cover Letter Template (Word and Pages, A4 & US letter)

    ●    ATS Reference List Template (Word and Pages, A4 & US letter)
    ●    BONUS Resume Editing Guide (PDF eBook, US letter)

    ●    BONUS Resume Writing Guide (PDF eBook, US letter)
    ●    Technical Support


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    “Love this template! It makes it so easy to plug in my information and looks so aesthetic yet professional. Exactly what I needed!”

    “Wonderful! An easy and simple process to an awesome-looking resume. Thank you!!!”

    “Excellent product. Clean layout. Just what I needed. It was really helpful in perfecting my CV. Thank you.”


    Don't leave anything to chance! Download Emma - the beautiful, modern ATS resume template today and take the first step toward landing your dream job.

    • How to get the template:

      1. Click on ‘Instant Download’ button on the template of your choice.
      2. Download your file from the email you will receive after your payment is processed. 
      3. Double-click the file in order to unpack (‘unzip’) it. Save it on a location you will easily find. It will extract into files numbered 1-3 following 3-step process for creating your own resume.
      4. Open Mac Pages or Microsoft Word 2007 (or newer). 
      5. Type your resume text over our text. Follow the instructions in our guide (document named 1_Guide) if you have questions or need technical support.
      6. When your resume is complete, save it in .pdf format. 


    • Technical requirements:

      To edit templates, you need:

      • a personal computer with Mac Pages or Microsoft Word 2007 (or newer)
      • an "unzipping" software such as WinZip (most computers have it inbuilt)
      • a PDF reader (most computers have it inbuilt)

      In addition to having Mac Pages or Microsoft Word, it would be great if you have a basic knowledge of working in Pages or Word to easily use and edit these templates.

      But don't worry! Even if you're not a Pages/Word master, the editing guide that comes with the template will help you along the way. And if you need any further support, I'm just an email away. Feel free to contact me anytime at


      The templates are not compatible with GoogleDocs, OpenOffice, or any other program.  

    • ATS test details:

      As every Applicant Tracking System (ATS) works slightly differently, we always test our ATS-friendly templates with several methods to make sure they are fully optimized for ATS.

      • Firstly, we use Jobscan - resume-optimization software based on the most common behaviors found across various ATS. They tested their solution with some of the most commonly used ATS, such as Taleo, Workday, Xeneka Factors (IBM) and iCIMS, so we use their information as our guideline. (Our resumes were even featured on their site!) 
      • Additionally, our templates are tested with Skillsyncer.
      • Additionally, we always triple-check templates by transforming them into plain-text. This allows us to see if there is any part of the template that might be skipped by some less sophisticated ATS.

      All our templates promoted as 'ATS-friendly', 'ATS-optimized' or 'ATS-compliant' have passed all three tests and proven to be fully optimized for Applicant Tracking System (ATS). 

      Please note:
      Even though some of our ATS-optimized templates have simple graphic elements, as lines or background shapes, the content will be read by ATS. ATS will not ‘see' graphics, but they will be able to normally read content, scan the keywords and compare it with the job you apply for, so you can be sure that your resume can get past the first filter.

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