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  • Resume Checklist - PLR License (Commercial Use)

    Exact steps to a perfect resume? Check. Examples? Check. 100% customizable design with a built-in copy. Check and check. This Resume Writing Workbook has it all!

    It's designed to help you create your lead magnet or digital product in hours, not weeks, so you can focus on what matters the most—growing your business. While you're out and about, this checklist will attract email subscribers, customers, and new clients, show your expertise, and upsell your services. 

    Get instant access now!


    You can use the Resume Writing Checklist to:


    • create a powerful lead magnet by the end of the day
    • launch and start selling your first digital product in hours
    • level up your 1:1 services by sharing this workbook as a bonus
    • wow your coaching clients, offering them this workbook as an additional resource



    With the Resume Writing Checklist, you'll:

    • Save time: No more weeks and months spent creating a product from scratch. This workbook is ready to go, so you can focus on what you do best—helping your clients. 
    • Provide real value: Give your clients a tool that truly helps them succeed in their job search, enhancing your reputation and client satisfaction. (Win-win-win!)
    • Boost your credibility: Offer a high-quality, professional product that showcases your expertise, sets you apart from the competition, and 
    • Build a passive income stream: Grow your business with a "create once, sell forever" digital product and generate revenue without the constant hustle of 1:1 services and coaching.

    Want a shortcut to a successful lead magnet or digital product? Done-for-you tools are a way to go—and the Resume Writing Checklist is the first step on that journey.


    Get instant access now! See you inside.

    • How to download it:

      You will receive a link to download your products on the thank you page of the checkout and in an email sent to the email address you used for your purchase. The download link is valid for 30 days.

      If you have any questions, please let me know at I’m just an email away!

    • What you need:

      To customize the product and use all the resources inside, you need a Canva account (a free account will work) and access to Google Suite (Google Docs).

    • Commercial license (PLR):

      ✓ With the license agreement, you MAY use licensed templates for commercial purposes, including using them as part of your coaching programs and services or reselling them as standalone products.

      ✗ You MAY NOT resell the licensed templates or any modification of these products to third-party providers for their commercial use.

      In simple terms, you can sell the non-editable version of the product to individual customers (e.g., job seekers) but not other business owners (e.g., resume writers).

    • Refund policy:

      Due to the digital nature of the product, no refunds are possible under any circumstances. (With your purchase, you get instant and irrevocable access to the files, so returns and refunds are not technically doable.)

      However, I'm here to help and ensure you're happy with your purchase. If you need any support, please contact me at

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