Executive Resume Writing Services: All You Need to Know Before Hiring an Executive Resume Writer

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

If you are looking for an executive position, it's not enough to have a good resume. You need to have a top-notch, professionally written, impeccable-looking resume that makes you stand out from the fierce competition.

If you struggle with writing a resume worthy of executive jobs or if you just don't have the time to write one yourself, hiring an executive resume writing service can help you create an executive resume that will boost your job search and lead to exciting, top-paying career opportunities.

Since hiring an executive resume writing service can be a sizable investment, there are a few important things to know and consider before opting for a certain resume service provider.

To make sure you have all the information needed before making this important career decision, read on to learn:

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What is a resume writing service?

Utilizing a resume writing service involves hiring a resume writer who can improve your resume, and overall job application, by offering professional writing skills and tailored resume writing advice.

Resume writers typically have a strong understanding of the hiring process, as well as years of experience in helping applicants portray themselves at their best in a competitive job market.

Experienced writers who provide executive resume writing services are able to take your information and create a tailored executive resume that includes the critical keywords needed for a specific position, highlighting your strengths, leadership experience and achievements in a compelling way.

These professionals know how to use keywords effectively with an emphasis on accomplishments that set you apart from others. They also understand the ins and outs of a hiring process and resume trends and help you utilize these insights to your advantage.


What are the benefits of hiring a professional resume writer?

There are many benefits to hiring professional resume writing services. Here are some of the most notable ones:

Resume writers know what employers are looking for.

Resume writers are frequently former executive recruiters, hiring managers, human resources (HR) professionals or career coaches who have seen firsthand what employers are looking for in top-level candidates and can use that knowledge to tailor your resume accordingly.

They also know the importance of resume keyword optimization to ensure it gets past an applicant tracking system -- software used by companies to process applications, which are all the details they incorporate in creating the best executive resume for your needs.

Professional writers can help you present yourself in an articulate and clear manner that will grab employers' attention.

Resume writers have the skills necessary to formulate a story that will compel the reader to take notice. They are true wordsmiths who know how to effectively use keywords and phrases that highlight your experience in such a way to elicit the curiosity of hiring managers.

They know how to use keywords effectively with an emphasis on highlighting accomplishments.

Accomplishments set you apart from other strong candidates, and professional resume writers know it, particularly those specializing in writing executive resumes.

With their resume writing skills, they can easily translate your previous experience into accomplishment-focused content that proves to employers that you have all the skills needed to achieve success in your next job.

A professional resume writer can offer tailored advice based on your unique strengths, experience and aspirations.

Professional writers know how to balance your work experience with career goals to create a one- or two-page document that stands out amongst many others and makes your job application authentic and memorable.

They will make sure that the resume is formatted correctly.

Expert resume writers know the current trends in resumes and formatting rules of various industries.

They write and format resumes in a way that showcases all of your qualifications without you having to worry about what font should be used or if there's any special formatting needed.

Depending on your needs and situation, resume writers also know how to incorporate your personality and personal brand into the resume while keeping it professional.

Hiring a professional takes the stress out of the resume writing process.

Considering all the minor details that can make or break your resume, writing a resume on your own can be a stressful task.

Professional resume writers are trained to create resumes that are much more polished than anything most job seekers without a hiring background could come up with.

So, having a professional writer work on such an important document leads to a resume that beats any DIY document while taking the stress out of the process. It also saves you time and money by helping you avoid costly mistakes.


What makes executive resumes different?

When you search for executive positions, the job requirements and expectations are higher, competition is tougher, and the hiring process is more rigorous.

In other words, when you apply for an executive job, you compete with top talent, and employers expect the best.

When you apply for an executive job, you compete with top talent, and employers expect the best.

Therefore, an executive resume -- your main branding tool, needs to position you as a strong, compelling choice in an executive-level market where dozens of qualified applicants are competing with one another.

In comparison to a more general or a specialist-level resume, the content of an executive resume needs to be highly tailored towards a specific position and focused on achievements highlighting your skills in different ways from those required for lower-level jobs.

If you're looking to step into a new executive position and want professional help, it's crucial to hire a resume writer who has experience with this type of resume.

Simply put, executive-level resumes require executive-level resume writers.

Executive resume writers are trained to write resumes for positions at the top of the hierarchy and offer resume writing services at the highest level.

They're familiar with what's expected from executives, including new or emerging trends; they know how to present a professional image that will impress any hiring manager or recruiter, and they have experience creating documents for high-level jobs.


Who should hire an executive resume writer?

Hiring a professional to work on your resume is a smart choice if you're applying for positions that fall within the top levels of a company or organization.

So, if you have at least five years of experience in an executive-level position, and you want to apply for jobs like CEO, C-suite, vice president, etc., it would be worthwhile to hire a professional resume writer.

Typically, executive resume writing services are suitable for job seekers looking for executive functions, such as:

  • board members

  • C-level executives

  • vice presidents and directors

  • senior managers

  • other senior-level positions

Additionally, there are certain job search situations where writing a resume on your own may be a bit more complicated. Consider hiring a professional if you fall into these categories:

  • You haven't updated your resume or applied for a job in a long time.

  • You don't have the time needed to create a high-quality resume.

  • You feel you don't have strong writing skills needed to write an executive-level resume.

  • You have a long and complex work history and need help with streamlining it.

  • You're looking for a career change.

  • You have a gap in your employment.


What to expect from the resume writing process?

The process of working with a professional resume writer is usually as follows:

A client shares their story and the career goals they're looking to achieve. The candidate will then be asked to bring in materials like resumes, cover letters, and job descriptions related to past work experience or qualifications for new jobs.

From there, the resume writer will gather and process all of the information and work with clients to structure it in a way that will allow them to stay true to their story while highlighting experience or qualifications.

The resume writer may suggest how they can be worded, especially if something about a past job could present an issue during job interviews.

Also, a good resume writer will ensure that the resume is formatted in line with the job or industry requirements.

Once the first draft has been completed, it will be printed out or sent digitally for the client to review before they share the final resume.

Typically, they provide a few revisions to ensure the client is satisfied with the produced documents.

Many offer guarantee policies in case you are not satisfied with the work or if the documents they created don't lead to interviews in the first 30 or 60 days upon completion.

Depending on the executive resume writing provider, their services may not include only the transformation of your resume. Instead, they can also assist in developing a cover letter, LinkedIn profile, or both. Besides their writing services, some offer career coaching and interview preparation.

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What to consider before hiring a professional resume writer?

The following are some of the factors to consider when choosing between hiring a professional resume writer or completing it on their own:

How much time is available?

Writing a high-quality executive resume takes time.

So, one of the first things you need to consider before hiring an executive resume writing service is the time available.

If there is a lot of time available, it's worth hiring a certified resume writer and working with them to create an executive resume.

But if the timeline for the job application process is tight and there's not much time left before application deadlines, the chances are that the best executive resume writers won't have the capacity to support you with your resume on short notice.

In that case, focus on completing the task yourself.

What qualifications do they have in terms of writing executive-level resumes?

If there is a resume writer that you are considering working with, it's important to look into their qualifications. Try to find information about their background, credentials and resume writing certifications.

The best executive resume writers keep this information transparent and easily available on their website, so it should be fairly easy to find it. If not, move on to the next executive resume service.

Do they have experience writing for similar positions in your industry?

To ensure you'll end up with the best executive resume, it's important to work with an executive resume service that specializes in supporting clients of your caliber.

Explore websites from executive resume writing services and see if they have specified what positions or industries they have supported thus far.

Check their executive resume samples, review client testimonials or contact them to confirm if they have previously supported candidates looking for similar positions.

Can you find reviews and testimonials from other executive clients?

As with any service nowadays, before deciding to work with any resume writing provider, check what other clients have said about them on the internet.

Specifically, look for reviews and testimonials shared by clients at your level of experience and seniority, as these are the most relevant ones to your needs. Instead of relying only on their website to find reviews, double-check independent reviewing sites like TrustPilot or SiteJabber to see what their clients say.


How much does an executive resume cost?

Prices of executive resume writing services may vary.

Typically, executive resume writing services cost anywhere from $500 to upwards of $2,500, depending on the turnaround time, type of expertise required and the resume writer's reputation.

This fee usually includes a free consultation with an experienced writer who knows how best to take advantage of your unique skills to land you that high-caliber job.

If you opt for an executive resume package at the higher end of the price range, you won't get only an executive resume. Instead, you'll get all the branding materials, such as a tailored cover letter and optimized LinkedIn profile.

Having shared these prices, we can't deny that hiring a resume expert can be expensive. But it is worth the cost considering a potential return on the investment and all the benefits it can have for your career in the long run.


Is it worth getting your resume professionally written?

By hiring a professional resume writer, you're doing more than getting your resume typed up or updated. You're adding a winning edge to your job search.

By hiring a professional resume writer, you're doing more than getting your resume typed up or updated. You're adding a winning edge to your job search.

As a candidate for executive positions, while working with an executive resume writer, you're gaining clarity on your unique selling points and confidence that comes with it. You're also building a strong personal brand in a written form and communicating those top-notch skills in a concise and engaging way.

These benefits will make for an excellent first impression with potential employers leading up to exciting and financially rewarding career opportunities.

Think about it this way -- if you're earning over $100,000 per year, you'll invest 1% of your yearly salary into working with top executive resume writers. If it leads to landing you a dream job or a lucrative promotion, spending money on a professionally written resume can be well worth it.

Considering all the benefits, hiring a professional resume writer isn't just an investment into your resume. It's also an investment in your brand and career that can pay out tenfold.


What are the best executive resume writing services?

The resume writing industry is a saturated market with hundreds of writing services available for job seekers in all industries and on all levels, from graduates to highly experienced professionals.

We have reviewed and selected the best executive resume writing services to support you on your career journey.

Exclusive Executive Resumes

If you need support with putting yourself out there as a candidate qualified for CEO, COO, CFO, or other top-level position, you need the premium talent to help you along the way.

​Erin Kennedy, the founder of Exclusive Executive Resumes* continually recognized as a 'Top Career Expert to Follow', is an absolute gem in the field. Beyond a number of certifications and awards, Kennedy is a nationally published author and contributor to 16 best-selling career books who specializes in executive branding. Together with her team of writers, she is described as 'the best of the best'.

​As the company specializes in supporting executives, their prices range from $649 to $3995.

Besides resume writing and career coaching services, they provide additional resources such as job search e-books and planners to guide you on your journey to a dream job.

Executive Resume Writers

Executive Resume Writers* is a personal branding firm for experienced management professionals and high-level executives that provides professional help with executive resume writers who will leverage their decades of experience to position you as an expert in your field.

Their team of experts has crafted thousands of executive-level resumes, cover letters and optimized LinkedIn profiles exclusively for 6- and 7-figure clients.

The prices of their executive resume writing services are undisclosed, but they offer a free phone call. The initial phone consultation can help you find out more about their services, team and pricing to determine if they are the best executive resume writing service for you.

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