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One-Column Resumes: Best Resume Templates + Pros and Cons

Your resume is your first contact with an employer and makes an instant impression of you as a job candidate.

Since recruiters spend only six to seven seconds analyzing resumes, there isn't much time left once they've looked into what first catches their eye.

So, with only a few seconds of the reader's scrutiny, having a professional and eye-catching resume is a must for attracting attention and interest from employers.

However, resumes are more than words on paper.

They are not only about what you say, but also about how you convey your message, and how it comes across. Considering that the structure and design of a resume greatly affect its readability, they are the first things that get noticed that can either help or hinder your resume's effectiveness.

When presenting the information on a resume, two main options are available: one-column or two-column resume format.

In the next 10 minutes, you'll find out more about one-column resume layout, including:

OK, buckle up and let's get into it!


What Is a One-Column Resume?

A one-column or single-column resume is a job application document with all information presented in one full-width horizontal column.

It's the standard resume layout that provides a lot of space for content, allocating enough real estate for the must-have resume sections, including a career summary, work experience, and education.

This resume design is straightforward and simple. With a layout that follows the natural eye movement from left to right, this resume format is easy and intuitive to read.

As such, it's a popular layout commonly used by job seekers and preferred by recruiters and hiring managers.

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Best Single Column Resume Templates

A professional and polished resume can make all the difference in landing that perfect job.

So, if you're about to create your resume, starting the resume writing process with a professionally designed resume template can save you time and ensure that your experience is presented in the best possible way.

Browse through our selection of single-column resume templates below and select the best one for your needs!

1. Clean and Professional Resume Template

ATS-friendly resume template. Minimalist, clean and professional resume design.

Resume template Olivera—a clean and professional resume template is the best option for experienced professionals who want to highlight their expertise.

With an easy-to-read layout, clean design, classic typography, and strategic use of white space, this single-column resume template is perfect for traditional industries and corporate jobs.

What's more, its formatting is optimized for the applicant tracking systems (ATS), so you can be sure your resume will pass the ATS screening.

2. Modern ATS Resume Template

Modern ATS-friendly resume template. Professional, modern and polished resume design on a gray background.

Resume template Cooper is an ATS-compliant design with a minimalist yet modern aesthetic.

A single-column layout combines neutral color, professional graphic elements, and easy-to-read fonts to make it visually appealing without being too design-heavy.

This ATS resume is perfect for corporate professionals with experience in creative fields, such as marketing or advertising, looking to showcase their qualifications and skills to a potential employer without sacrificing the visual appeal.

3. Corporate Resume Template

Corporate ATS-friendly resume template on a gray background.

For anyone looking for a professional resume with a modern twist, resume template Alex is a perfect choice.

With classic fonts, clear structure and minimalist graphic elements, this ATS-friendly resume is designed with corporate professionals in mind to help them impress any hiring manager at first glance.

It comes with a matching one-, two- and three-page resume, cover letter and reference list template, providing everything you need for a successful job application.

4. Simplistic Resume Template

If you'd like to keep things simple, go with the ATS-friendly resume template Harper.

Single-column layout, clean structure and classic typography - these are the perfect features for a resume of any professional looking to emphasize their expertise and get noticed in their industry.

This minimalist resume design is an ideal option if you want to keep your resume clean while still displaying work history, education and relevant skills in an efficient manner.

5. Hybrid ATS Resume Template

With the overview of skills and expertise at the top, the hybrid resume format Catherine is perfect for anyone who wants to highlight relevant skills before listing the work history.

Its ATS-compliant resume design makes it easily readable by any ATS, while its clean and professional visual appeal also grabs the attention of recruiters and hiring managers.

Looking for more? Explore our library of resume examples and write a perfect resume with a step-by-step writing guide and sample resume tailored to your target job!


What are the pros of a one-column resume design?

The main pros of a one-column resume layout are:

  • it's a standard resume format

  • it puts the emphasis on the content

  • it's ATS-compatible

It's a standard resume format.

Despite a variety of creative resume templates available online, single-column resumes are still the hiring standard, and for a good reason.